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Re: [Xen-users] HyperVM

> Although this looks like a good product, I would have preferred if it
> could run on a CentOS dom0 / host / server.
> And even though you feel that one install & forget about it, I don't. I
> do work a lot on my servers, and prefer to use something that I'm
> familiar with.

Get the latest version in our Git, and type "make install". It's still
experimental (I worked on it only since yesterday seeing how much this
is a need for many), but there should be so many things to fix now. I'd
appreciate help on finishing the work (which now is mainly testing...).

> And since a lot of commercial control panels work on CentOS only, I also
> know that  my clients knows CentOS by now, and won't really spend time
> learning Debian.

Then what??? We are talking about the dom0 support here, not at all
about the domU. Why do you think we took over the maintainership of the
yum package in Debian? Precisely to be able to bootstrap CentOS domU
from a Debian dom0.



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