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[Xen-users] No disk devices with tap:aio


First, I must mention that I am not too experienced with virtual machines, so 
please be gentle :-) It's my first experiment, and I've been working on getting 
things to work during the past weeks. I'm getting close, but now it seems I'm 
completely stuck.

I'm in the process of testing Xen with Open Nebula, but I have run into some 
problems. I'm trying to use tap:aio for my disk images, but unfortunately the 
guest (Ubuntu 9.04) bombs out to BusyBox due to not finding the root. I've 
checked /dev, and there are no entries for sda/, hda/ or even disk/. However, 
when I use file:, the guest boots fine (well, actually, it freezes after 
'Starting kernel logging' or something similar, but that's another problem). 
Does anyone have a suggestion on how I could fix this? It seems rather odd..
(Oh, and if you ask why I just don't use file:, well, that would mean 
recompiling Open Nebula, which currently is not an option for me)

I'm using an old Athlon 1700+, with 512mb RAM, running Ubuntu 9.04 with kernel 
2.6.26-2-xen-686 from Debian.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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