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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Installation Problem

On 12 Jun 2009,  7:25:24 -0700, Eddie_Chen wrote:
> Hi All,
> When I was tring to use Yast(Opensuse 11.1) to Create Virtual Machine, Yast
> can start the virtual machine installation process but cannot find any disk,
> so the installation fails. I encountered the same problem when installing
> Windows XP and Opensuse.
> Do I need to create a virtualized disk first? Or how can I specify which
> disk to install?
With Yast, you have to define your disk. If you choose a physical
device, it must exists. If you choose a file, it is not nessary to
create it before use.
(I use opensuse 11.1 too and it was OK with these domU: w2k8, w7, opensuse 11.1)

To define your domU   : Yast --> Virtualisation --> Créer des machines 
In english (supposed) : Yast --> Virtualisation --> Create virtual machines

Hope it helps,


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