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Re: [Xen-users] Install Centos-5 as DomU on Debian Dom0

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 4:52 PM, Sreeharsha
Totakura<sreeharsha.totakura@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Another method would be installing as HVM (so you can install with DVD
>> iso) then convert it to PV.
> What does PV mean here?

PV = ParaVirtualized guest.

> I am using xen-3.3.1 on fedora 9. I use
> virt-manager to manage xen. It's really comfortable, I can remotely manage
> the VM's and live migrate them.

Correct, virt-manager is a usable GUI. I've never used it on Debian
though (which is the OP environment), so I can't comment whether or
not it'd be the best choice.

> But never I came across converting an image
> to PV.

Usually you wont'have to :)
Some scenarios where it would be useful:
- you have a PV-aware OS (RHEL5, for example), but for some reason you
want to install directly from DVD (which is not supported for PV
- you have a PV-aware OS, working great on a  physical machine or
other virtualization solution, and you've succesfully convert it to
HVM guest (using some P2V method), but you need more performance only
available from PV guest.
- fun experiment :D

Take a look at this thread for a how-to


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