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Re: [Xen-users] domU autostart with deps

Christoph Kaminski wrote:
> Costas Drogos schrieb:
>> If by "dependencies" you mean a service in a domU that must be started
>> before the other domU boots, e.g. a NFS server or a database, you
>> could check from dom0 when this service is up so to boot the other
>> machine.
>> As previous folks told, there is no Xen way to do that, because Xen
>> has nothing to do with userspace applications, so you have to use a
>> script of your own, which would be highly dependable on the
>> "dependencies" you have.
>> Maybe if you could clarify the "dependencies" you need to resolve,
>> someone could help :)
> With dependencies mean the whole host completely started.
> start host a
> wait till all services started on host a
> start host b
> and so on...
> Greetz


Your only hope here is that your booted host tells the dom0 that it has
started. One of the solution could be to setup ssh keys, so that your
"host a" can log into your dom0, then do something like that in your

ssh dom0-ip 'touch /var/lib/script-name-of-your-choice/host-a-booted'

Then you could do a startup script like this:

xm create host-a
while [ ! -e /var/lib/script-name-of-your-choice/host-a-booted ] ; do
        sleep 5
xm create host-b

There might be 1000 other ways of doing this, but this one is easy to
implement. Maybe you want to have some kind of limits in the while loop,
and maybe some alerting to let you know if host-a never wrote the file.

I hope that helps, this is just a 2 cents script helping written from
top of my head as you seem to be turning in loops searching for a


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