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[Xen-users] nic naming

Hi all,

I'm trying to automate my xen setup by scripts. For my xen setup I have
two prerequisites:

  1. I can't determine the sequence the domUs are started
  2. I need network reconfiguration on the fly

So, if I wanna reconfigre domU_a on the fly I have to:

  1. edit domU_a's config file and change the network stuff
     (at next reboot the network stuff is set up correctly)
  2. reconfigure some tap and/or bridge device(s)
     (to avoid a unnecessary reboot)

Ok, as I defined my prerequisites I've checked Xen's behaviour:

xm create domU_a => tap0 created in dom0
xm create domU_b => tap1 created in dom0

xm shutdown domU_a
xm shutdown domU_b

xm create domU_b => tap0 created in dom0
xm create domU_a => tap1 created in dom0

As you can see, the tap devices swapped their names. What should be done
to avoid this naming convention?


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