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[Xen-users] Suse Virtual machine console - tcp connection

I've got 2 vms running on Suse 11.1 - 4gb RAM, Atlon dual core X24200.

The VM's are relatively stable after I replaced my RAM - however, i get
an error every now and then with the virtual machine console TCP/IP
error: VNC connection to hypervisor host got refused refused or

i.e. i can open the virtual machine console vnc connection to the VM -
it does sho status though.

Interesting thing is that Ii can still connect to the VM using vncviewer
and or ssh - tcp/ip is till up?

It is only rectified if I reboot the host machine.

Not sure if its related but on booting the host machine, the network
takes a long time to initialize - I have the standard "network-script
network-bridge" in xend-config.sxp

Craig Silva
Email: silvacron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mobile: 0417947147

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