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[Xen-users] RE: Simple network config question

> Hey guys,
> Usually all my guests go out through various bridges connected to eth0, but I
> came across a scenario where I need to connect one guest to a special
> backend network. The network is connected to an access port on a switch via
> eth2 on the xen server. If I set an IP on eth2 in the correct network it 
> works just
> fine. How can I share this connection up to a domU? I cant tell the switchport
> to become a trunk and bridge out internally like I usually do. Any help is 
> greatly
> appreciated!!

What you may want to try is bridging the connection on eth2 to something like 
xenbr2 and in the config file have a line that is:


Just make sure that before you bridge the connection that eth2 is given the IP 
that will make it work.

To create the bridge (after getting eth2 connected with the proper IP):

brctl addbr xenbr2 
brctl addif xenbr2 eth2
ifconfig xenbr2 up

Then you put the line in the config file as stated above, and bring up the VM. 
It should be able to connect to resources on the "special backend network" once 
it either gets an IP from a DHCP source or if you manually configure it.

If you need any help, let me know. Is it for a Windows or Linux VM?


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