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[Xen-users] Xen Networking and bonded interfaces on Debia Lenny

Greetings all. This has been an ongoing issue for me for a few months, and I've 
been trying to get an answer.

My server has two NICs, and I want to set up the following:

NICs (x2) -> bond (mode 5) -> Xen Bridge -> Doms

...however, trying to configure this doesn't seem to work: network-bridge 
steals eth0 instead of bond0, which breaks the bond AND my networking. The 
result is a "pbond0" interface with no IP, and occasionally a "peth0", also 
with no IP. In either case neither eth0 (or 1) or bond0 exist and as such I 
have no networking at all! If I boot without Xen the bond works fine, so I know 
that's not the problem.

If I reconfigure zend-config.sxp to change netdev=bond0, I still have the same 
issues, though the specific wording of the error (2 pages on a computer I can't 
connect to, and before logon so I can't | less) is different. I've also tried 
messing with the network-bridge script to no avail.

I've read both the manual and the wiki, and while the wiki makes mention of 
using a bond, it doesn't show specifically what is required. I was wondering if 
anyone else could shed some light on the issues. I'm willing to (attempt) to 
write out those 2 pages of errors, if required, though I have a feeling this is 
just a configuration issue.

I have a thread on LinuxQuestions about the issue. URL: 

Thank you for your assistance.

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