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Re: [Xen-users] Xen Virtual Machine Pointer problem

PLEASE always reply to the mailing list, too!

As to your problem: The tutorial I sent you works for me. Make sure to check the input devices on the domU with

cat /proc/bus/input/devices

That command will show you which event belongs to the emulated mouse, e.g. event3 --> /dev/input/event3. This has to be entered in the Xorg configuration. You have to configure the domU with


in order to have an absolute mouse position. Instead of entering the device yourself, you can also try the following

Section "InputDevice"
   Name "Mouse0"
   Driver "evdev"
   Option "Name" "QEMU 0.8.2 QEMU USB Tablet"
   Option "Mode" "Absolute"

Of course "Mouse0" then has to be entered in the ServerLayout section.

Hope this helps.

anitha rn wrote:
Thanks for your response... i ve tried with the link which you pointed
to me. But its not working. Also i ve googled a lot,but not getting to
know how to solve it. Kindly point me the solution.

My Virtual Machine is Fedora 8.
The vm Configuration file is of type vnc.
I m using an image file to start the Virtual Machine.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 12:54 AM, Andreas Sommer<AndiDog@xxxxxx> wrote:
This is because the emulated mouse gives relative movements and not absolute
pixel coordinates. You can change it to emulation of a USB tablet device
which sends these absolute values. Just search the Internet, there are
multiple solutions. For example

anitha rn wrote:
Hello All...

I have installed xen 3.3.
I m running a Virtual Machine using an image file that has fedora 8
installed in it.
When i view the Virtual Machine using VNC Viewer or on the browser
using tight vnc,there appears
2 pointers .I need to solve this problem. Kindly suggecst me the
correct solution.
Waiting for responses.

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