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Re: [Xen-users] DHCP problem when changing motherboard

I think what I'm seeing is what I'd expect on switching from xenbr0 to virbr0. The libvirt/dnsmasq defaults seems to be to create a local 192.168.122 subnet, with no access in from outside, and (external) DHCP disabled.

I don't want to mess with libvirt, since I don't use the XML config stuff and I don't want to move away from my known good setup prior to my motherboard change, so I'm concentrating on finding out why xenbr0 no longer works.

If I boot up a DomU with xenbr0 in the vif line I get:

Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Could not find bridge device xenbr0.

What I think has happened is that the existing fc8-xen on my hard drive is confused about the network hardware on the new motherboard (a Dell R200 server). When the new board originally booted up, networking was disabled, but I fixed this by aliasing eth0 to eth3. The (old) driver seemed to have identified the new NICs at eth3 and eth4, rather than eth0/1. Anyway, that fixed the network on Dom0, but it seems to be giving Xen a headache when it boots any DomU's. The DomU's boot up Ok with virbr0; the problem is just xenbr0.

I know that FC8 had bugs in the network-bridge script related to aliasing, but network-bridge runs without producing errors, so I'm not convinced that that's the problem here.



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