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RE: [Xen-users] Hotplugging SCSI device to Windows 2k3 GOS

Before it reboots it finds Network Adapter Xen vif Device #0 (With a yellow 
bang) and SCSI and RAID Controller Xen vbd device #768 (With a yellow bang)

This time I tried the same test with Xen 3.4.0 but resulted in the same error!


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Subject: RE: [Xen-users] Hotplugging SCSI device to Windows 2k3 GOS

> James,
> I have tried the latest version (gplpv_chk_wnet_x86_0.10.0.83.msi) on
a Xen
> 3.3.1 system and I am seeing a system crash. I have copied windows
debug log
> for your reference. I have not seen a crash issue with the previous
release of
> gplpv driver. Is there a known issue with the latest release? Or any
> extra I have to do to make it work?

When you first install it, before you reboot, does it find and install
the vbd and vif drivers?

After installing, but before rebooting, you should see in device manager
a GPLPV SCSI controller that hasn't enumerated any disks, and a network
driver that is reporting cable disconnected. If you don't see these,
then do a scan for hardware changes in device manager and see if it
finds them.


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