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[Xen-users] Re: Lenny DomU crash!

Ferenc Wagner wrote:

 > From the first link, I see that this event is characterised by an
 inability to start PV guests and existing guests showing state

When a guest is stuck this way, it's constantly in running state.
There is some confusion in the report, yes.

 In my case, I can start a PV guest, and the stuck guest shows state
 running and consumes 100% cpu.

Yes, that agrees with my experience.

 Also, if it were that, wouldn't I expect to see other guests on the
 same host lock up ?

It isn't that simple.  Other guests lock up when they fill their
console buffers, apparently.  But new guests seem to work fine for
me.  Just try it, when you next experience this: stop xend, kill
xenconsoled, start xends.  Don't touch xenstored!  If everything
returns to normal, then this was it.  If not, then something else. :)

OK, I almost wrote that I'll wait for it to happen again - but that isn't exactly what I mean, I'm not exactly wanting it to happen ! I'll try that next time it does happen - but it does seem to be very irregular.

Simon Hobson

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