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Re: [Xen-users] OT: OEM Win2k3 as domU License question

James Pifer wrote:
I'm helping a friend at his small office. He needs to use Windows 2k3
for a specific application. I have a xen server setup so we can run a
couple linux servers to do some other tasks.
To save money he picked up Windows 2k3, but it's an OEM System Builder
Pack. Like any agreement, reading it is very confusing, so I'm afraid to
crack it open. Anyone know if I can install and activate this ok in a
domU? And, is it legal to do this way?
I am no authority on Microsoft licensing. But to my knowledge you can buy an OEM copy as long as you purchase hardware with it. People used to get around this by just purchasing a mouse. But as far as I know if you have a valid license for windows you can install it in a vm without legal ramifications. Thats saying of course you don't install it in multiple vms.

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