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RE: [Xen-users] Physical H/W Port on Thin Client <-> Virtual Hardwareunder Xen VM Guest.

> Hi All.
> -- my first post on this esteem list -- :)
> I have Xen-3.3 working very well on a four core Phenom-II system with
> 8GB with over 20 concurrent OS guests.
> I am trying to set up a student LAB which will allow students to
> experiment with H/W via assigned virtual guests (physically distant
> for the virtual host).
> The requirement is to have h/w (say a USB2 port) on thin client box A
> (elsewhere on the intranet) to seen as actual hardware on a virtual
> guest OS under Xen.
> Why? We want to use unmodified 3rd party applications running on Xen
> guests, by assigning thin client h/w ports [USB, Serial or Parallel]
> for example a AVR hardware debugger connected to USB2 on a thin
> client, assigned to a virtual port on the VM guest.
> Is such a setup possible?

What operating systems is everything using (eg your DomU's and your thin


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