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Re: [Xen-users] Physical H/W Port on Thin Client <-> Virtual Hardwareunder Xen VM Guest.

Thanks for your input James.

I am especially looking forward to your implementation of passthrough USB.

In the meantime I will have a look around for Linux USB over IP, and give it a go.

Cheers. Grahame

On 29/07/2009, at 8:38 PM, James Harper wrote:

Hi James.

My DomU is XPproSP3, and the thin clients are currently Linux using
SSH booted off a USB stick.

Hmmm... well USB over IP is in Linux, so you could maybe run the USBoIP server on your thin client to export a USB device to the XP server. I'm
not sure what the level of support is for the Windows client of USBoIP
but it does exist. Have a look in the staging directory of the current
linux tree.

Failing that, at some point I will implement passthrough USB into GPLPV
so you could use USBoIP on the thin client and Dom0 and then pass
through the device from Dom0 to DomU.

Sounds like a bit of mucking around.


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