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Re: [Xen-users] XEN and clustering?

Hi John,
I think Thomas meant "For Live-Backups from dom0 of running domUs ;-)"
Performing snapshot inside dom0 avoid the need to install LVM utilities
into domU. And then, if CLVM does not support snapshots, you can not do


On 01/03/2010 18:02, John Madden wrote:
>>> CLVM doesn't support snapshots and pvmoves (others?) but you don't
>>> need them -- you can still snapshot within your domU's.  Why the need
>>> to snapshot from dom0?
>> For Live-Backups from running domUs ;-)
> Right, so CLVM is not a problem.  The domU's have no knowledge of clvm
> (and they don't need any) -- they can run snapshots just fine.
> John

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