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[Xen-users] xen storage options - plase advise

I'm still having some struggles with ocfs2 and currently have a case
open with Novell. Can someone suggest other options for shared storage
using SLES10/11 other than ocfs2?

-My storage is coming from a Xiotech Magnitude 4000 3D SAN connected
with fiber (QLogic cards)
-currently (for ocfs2) the same lun is assigned to multiple servers.
-I'm using file based disks for VMs. My preference would be to keep
doing this way
-I know NFS is an option, but seems that it would add too many points of
failure, and losing nfs would take every VM down. plus I'm not sure how
performance would be.

What other shared storage options do I have? Is there a good
article/wiki that might explain the different storage options in
relation to xen?

Help is appreciated.


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