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Re: [Xen-users] xen storage options - plase advise

Hi James,

Am Mittwoch, den 03.03.2010, 14:28 -0500 schrieb James Pifer:
> I'm still having some struggles with ocfs2 and currently have a case
> open with Novell. Can someone suggest other options for shared storage
> using SLES10/11 other than ocfs2?
> Background:
> -My storage is coming from a Xiotech Magnitude 4000 3D SAN connected
> with fiber (QLogic cards)


> -currently (for ocfs2) the same lun is assigned to multiple servers.


> -I'm using file based disks for VMs. My preference would be to keep
> doing this way

So you need to use a cluster-FS. ocfs2, gfs and so on are the way to go.

> -I know NFS is an option, but seems that it would add too many points of
> failure, and losing nfs would take every VM down. plus I'm not sure how
> performance would be.
> What other shared storage options do I have?

If you have a shared (FC)-LUN between your server i would suggest to use
LVM in this scenario.

Just beware of using LVM-write-cache, which should be disabled, because
of delayed writes, which cause failures in HA-Failover or

>  Is there a good article/wiki that might explain the different storage 
> options in
> relation to xen?

pvcreate /dev/sdb1 (where sdb1 is a partition on this FC-LUN)
vgcreate data /dev/sdb1

use phy:/dev/data/$LUN-VM1 in xen ;-)

that's all you need :-D

> Help is appreciated.
> Thanks,
> James


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