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RE: [Xen-users] AoE vs iSCSI

>   I'm thinking about adding some external mass storage to my Xen
system, and I
> see a
> number of 1U (I pay by the U at my colo) SAN devices that offer iSCSI.
Not too
> many offer
> AoE. For cheap performance, AoE seems preferable since it has less
> Since the SAN
> is going to be right next to the Xen box, the routability of iSCSI
isn't a
> factor for me.
> Just big, cheap and fast.
>   Anyone have any insights they want to throw out from facing a
> situation?

There are plenty of Ethernet adapters with iSCSI offload these days.
Support under Linux might be another question though.

iSCSI will be able to take advantage of TCP offload (large send,
checksum) where AoE will not. That alone may outweigh any overhead
savings from AoE.


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