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[Xen-devel] RE: Xen VGA graphics passthru wiki page


The wiki looks great!

I have a minor correction on "Where X is 1 for IGD (Integrated Graphics Device) 
passthru, and 2 for discrete graphics card passthru." I wanted to use different 
values for IGD and discrete gfx, but actually it is not necessary, it can 
detect if it's IGD or not in code. When it's set, it enables gfx passthru for 
both IGD and discrete gfx. The default value is 0 (no gfx passthru). I already 
edited the wiki page. 


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I just created this wiki page:

Feel free to add/edit to make it better!

I haven't tested VGA passthru myself (yet), so there 
might be some not-so-accurate information there.

-- Pasi

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