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RE: [Xen-users] Thin Clients

        I agree with Fajar here, but I don't know anything about how VMware
might be doing this, so perhaps they offer a thin terminal service that Xen
does not?  Otherwise, whatever a WYSE terminal needs to connect is probably
installed on Windows and this can be installed on Windows in Xen as well (a
virtual Windows machine shouldn't know it is virtual, regardless of the
virtualization technology).  Even if VMWare does have something proprietary,
I should think you could do the same thing without VMWare in a Windows
environment, which would, again, lead back to Windows running the service,
not Xen.  If this scenario requires a DHCP server or something else that XP
doesn't do natively, then the appropriate software would need installed on
Windows or Linux (in a separate domU or dom0), but again, this would have
nothing to do with Xen.

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On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 10:17 AM, mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> when using NX, rdesktop, vnc (or other equivalent technologies) it
>> should not matter what underlying technology you use to run servers on
>> (bare metal, vmware, xen, etc). So you could have servers running
>> Windows/Linux on top of ESX or Xen, then have users access them using
>> NX/rdesktop.
> I am not following, sorry.

My point is that Vmware or Xen by itself should not have anything to
do with the thin client technology directly.

> I use NX to host linux desktop's for remote users but I need to do
something similar for win machines. It is not efficient to use remote access
tools and want to use something which is much faster, such as NX desktops
but for win guests.

AFAIK anything that involves Windows thin client would eventually go
back to terminal server/remote desktop.


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