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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Input from xen hosting providers?

Sometimes, the decision is made to use something which is click click, simple. 
I started using xen about two years ago, then decided to give esxi a try. I was 
won over immediately, it works, it's easy to use, easy to learn. So was xen but 
esxi even more so.

You basically seem to already have your answer, you keep saying how great 
vmware is :).

On Mon, 15 Mar 2010 19:55:31 -0700, Brandon Lamb wrote:
>ïOn Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 7:47 PM, chris <khris4@xxxxxxxxx>ïwrote:
>>ïHave you taken a look a xenserver and thereÂcomparisonÂlist to vmware on
>>ïa look at that link.
>>ïOn Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 7:41 PM, Brandon Lamb <brandonlamb@xxxxxxxxx>ï
>>>ïI have also been battling with a lot of "well vmware already does
>>>ïthat, its working on the box he has setup right now, why dont we just
>>>ïrun that".
>>>ïToday i saw that vmware apparently has some builtin clustering system,
>>>ïso you can create a virtual disk and attach it to multiple clients? I
>>>ïdidnt really have a quick xen solution for that.
>>>ïAlso another note, is there a list (whether one point or twenty) on
>>>ïWHY would you run xen instead of vmware? Xen gets better performance?
>>>ïIs that the only reason? vmware has this, and that, pretty gui,
>>>ïbuiltin virtual disk clustering, blah blah, I dont even know what
>>>ïI need some more ammunition for tomorrow when we resume our discussion
>>>ïand hopefully dont end up wrestling in the parking lot...
>ïYea I believe I have seen that, but that is a pretty crap list, seems
>ïto pretty much be useless sales "fluff". Like wth is "Intelligent
>ïserver maintenance mode". To someone just starting to setup xen or
>ïdecide on kvm, xen or vmware, that really doesnt mean anything in
>ïplain english.
>ïOr "Virtual infrastructure patch management"... Hm ok sweet, whatever
>ïthat is lol. Theres no quick obvious links to what any of that means.
>ïWhere is the REAL benefits to using xen over vmware. Vmware does
>ïeverything, click click its done.
>ïIm ok with spending time and a little sweat to get xen WORKING, from
>ïall the stuff I could find to read xen is suppose to be faster, built
>ïwith security in mind, etc. The console commands seem comfortable
>ïenough, i run all linux so using a click click GUI is weird.
>ïBasically I am in the position of trying to justify to the powers that
>ïbe that we should use xen instead of just *settling* on vmware because
>ïits click click oh look it works.
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