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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Input from xen hosting providers?

>ïHaha, well saying its great from my boss's perspective. Personally I
>ïwant to go with xen. We are not a windows shop, I dont have the
>ïfaintest idea how to manage a windows box. Ive never even touched an
>ïactual Windows Server machine before.

If you mean ESXi, it's not a windows box, it's just a GUI interface but you can 
also enable ssh and go that way if you prefer. What's nice about it is if you 
have a case where a gui console to a guest could come in handy, it's there. 
Then again, if it's a linux guest, you just use ssh as always and some remote 
access tool for windows if you don't want to give users console access.
>ïThat may actually be a big seller, another is I dont know can windows
>ïdo software raids like linux? I was planning on doing a 4 drive
>ïsoftware raid, but if my boss tells me to build vmware servers, i have
>ïno clue how that is going to work, plus losing all kinds of linux
>ïutilities. Ugh. My head hurts after 4-5 hours arguing

It's become terribly simple to fire up an esx server, then add functionality as 
you want. I've not played with xen in a while but I didn't find that very 
difficult other than having to run X to get at the interface.
As for RAID or storage, the server can use anything you've got. If you've got a 
fibre channel network for example, just pop a card into the server. You can 
then map storage LUNs as needed. Or go with traditional NFS shares or local 
storage of course.

I'm not suggesting not to use Xen. If that's what you prefer, it's best for you 

I only came back to this list hoping that I could find a win/think client 
solution and hoped to perhaps use xen again but at the moment at least, esxi 
does it all for me.

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