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RE: [Xen-users] AoE vs iSCSI

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> i testet AoE and iSCSI. AoE scales very bad! If you have more than 10
AoE devices
> over one NIC you get on one AoE device bad througput and a high load
on the system.
> iSCSI with lots (testet with over 200) of LUNs will performe very
good. I was able to
> get a little more than 100MByte/s over one 1GBit/s NIC with iSCSI!

All other things being equal, one protocol should not outperform the
other by such a wide margin.  Your results obviously will depend on the
quality of the implementation--i.e. whether you've chosen one of the
open source AoE targets, or you are using a storage appliance with AoE,
which OS/driver version, etc.

AoE performance is also highly dependent on your network.  Always use
jumbo frames and hardware flow control.  If you have a switch that
doesn't handle these, get a new switch.


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