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Re: [Xen-users] AoE vs iSCSI


Am 11.03.2010 um 19:55 Uhr schrieb Chris 'Xenon' Hanson 
>   I'm thinking about adding some external mass storage to my Xen system,
> and I see a number of 1U (I pay by the U at my colo) SAN devices that offer
> iSCSI. Not too many offer AoE. For cheap performance, AoE seems preferable
> since it has less overhead. Since the SAN is going to be right next to the
> Xen box, the routability of iSCSI isn't a factor for me. Just big, cheap
> and fast.
>   Anyone have any insights they want to throw out from facing a similar
> situation?

i testet AoE and iSCSI. AoE scales very bad! If you have more than 10 AoE 
devices over one NIC you get on one AoE device bad througput and a high load 
on the system. iSCSI with lots (testet with over 200) of LUNs will performe 
very good. I was able to get a little more than 100MByte/s over one 1GBit/s 
NIC with iSCSI!



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