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Re: [Xen-users] Hot resizing xfs domU.


Am 09.03.2010 um 16:26 Uhr schrieb Guy Roussin <guy.roussin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> With xen (lenny), I created my domU on LV. I create
> domU in xfs (/).
> And i can hot resize domU :
> On dom0, the 'lvresize-L +1 G mylv' goes well (clvm)
> But in the domU (mylv) 'xfs_growfs /dev/xvda2'
> has no effect: the domU has not yet taken
> aware of the expansion of its disk. I need to reboot
> the domU ...
> Is there a chance to make hot resizing the domU?

i use raid1 inside my xen guests and if i need to resize the domu fs i remove 
one disk, grow it, re-add it and rebuild the raid1. Same for the other disk. 
Then i resize the raid1 and then i can online resize the fs. I do this since 
2006 and it works without problems, only bad thing is the complete rebuild of 
the raid1, but you don't have to reboot your domu!



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