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Re: [Xen-users] 2.6.32 Kernel Debian


Well : who fix the security problems from the 2.6.18 ? And it doesn't boot at all on modern hardware.

Who use the dom0 kernel from lenny on production ? Me, at least on some simple setup, and the pv_ops kernel on others setup.
If my actual pv_ops kernel is part of Squeeze, I really really be happy to don't have to maintain it anymore.

The pv_ops dom0 kernel is the futur of Xen, so it's logic that Debian choose it for his *future* version.


On 18/03/2010 17:43, Martinx - ããããã wrote:

ÂThe Xen and the Linux from http://xen.org is a rock solid.

ÂI REALLY do not understand why the Debian Xen Team just don't pack the Linux from http://xen.org for Squeeze dom0, if there are no stable options available out there.

ÂWhat is the point in make a hard work to get a unstable system? As the Lenny (dom0) and the Hardy (dom0), for example?!? No one actually are using it!

ÂI never use in a production environment, the Xen packaged from some distribution. They always have a bug here and there... Then I am forced to manually compile Xen and Linux from xen.org and all my problems go away as magic!

ÂAnd if Debian Squeeze works seamlessly with the Xen and the Linux, I believe that the maintainers of the Xen in the Debian SHOULD only pack the sources from xen.org WITHOUT any significant modifications. Of course, only when you want a dom0.

ÂSome will say that the Linux is prehistoric but, then why not use the same kernel used in the project XCP, the kernel- for the Squeeze? It is stable too and much more recent than the 2.6.18!


2010/3/18 Markus Hochholdinger <Markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Am 17.03.2010 um 20:53 Uhr schrieb Martinx - ããããã
> Yeah!!! Great news!
> Âhttp://packages.qa.debian.org/l/linux-2.6/news/20100317T161016Z.html
> Âlinux-image-2.6.32-4-xen-686 - Linux 2.6.32 for modern PCs, Xen dom0
> support
> Âlinux-image-2.6.32-4-xen-amd64 - Linux 2.6.32 for 64-bit PCs, Xen dom0
> support
> ÂIt will be a paravirt_ops or the SUSE port forward?!

i'm not sure, it rumours it will be a pv_ops kernel. But till now i've found
no definite information about that.

Another info about the kernel:



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