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Re: [Xen-users] AoE vs iSCSI

On 3/18/2010 8:16 AM, Markus Hochholdinger wrote:
> At this time i choosed to use iSCSI in the future, before that i used gnbd. I 
> never tested AoE again, perhaps the situation is now better? But i give 
> everyone the advice with AoE to test performance with more than one connected 
> AoE block device, if this will be needed.

  Interesting. I'd love to hear of any more recent tests, as I was under the 
that, all things being equal (as in, no special hardware accelerators), AoE was 
a little
lighter weight.

  My plan would be for using a PC-based SAN box with dual Ethernet ports going 
to dual
small dedicated switches, and then to dual NICs on the Xen box. I don't want to 
have to
add any new hardware to the Xen box(es), so AoE's software implementation 
looked appealing.

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