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Re: [Xen-users] AoE vs iSCSI


Am 18.03.2010 um 17:29 Uhr schrieb Jeff Sturm <jeff.sturm@xxxxxxxxxx>:
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> Unfortunately vblade is little more than a toy program.  Its beauty lies
> in its simplicity.  Its drawbacks lie also in its simplicity.  It's nice
> to have as a reference program for those who want to tinker with the
> protocol or understand how AoE works, but you can't really draw any
> conclusions about performance of the AoE protocol from using vblade in
> general.

well, vblade was the server part and on my AoE client i only run the aoe 
module, so i thought it would make no difference what "server" part i use 
because i testet on the client side. The hardware had no problem servicing 
with vblade. The problem was on the client side! My assumption was that also 
a coraid product as server wouldn't do because the problem was on the client 
side. But perhaps i'm wrong.

> You should have better overall results testing with another open source
> implementation like qaoed, or using Coraid's commercial product.  I have
> routinely demonstrated 200MB/s throughput performing sequential
> transfers on an AoE target, multipathing over 2 GigE adapters.

At this time qaoed wasn't an option, i tried it but it was worse than vblade!

> There's nothing wrong with iSCSI either, and many users have perfectly
> valid reasons to require iSCSI.  But you can get comparable performance
> with AoE for Linux hosts, often spending far less.

OK, i don't doubt that, but i would test it myself :-D

For now, i don't have the need to test again because i'm very fine with iSCSI. 
Also a lot of people are fine with AoE.

> This is getting a bit off-topic for a Xen list, I'm afraid.

Especially the point that more than one AoE block devices had a bad impact on 
performance for me i advice other people who need more than one AoE block 
devices to test the performance. Hopefully this isn't the case anymore.
For a Xen setup where you have one block device per domU it is very important 
to know how much block devices you can manage - so for me this isn't really 



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