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Re: [Xen-users] Just some (probably useless) information

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 12:37:34AM -0700, Brandon Lamb wrote:
> I did a very non scientific test for speeds of backing up disk/file
> images to disk/file backups
> I used lvm for both the disk based and to put the files onto during
> the test. I used four 640gig sata 3.0gbps drives in a raid 10. There
> was 2083 megabytes used on the filesystem, a windows xp install.
> dd disk -> disk = 36 minutes

Did you specify bigger block size for dd?:
dd bs=1024k

That should speed up things a lot.

> ntfsclone disk -> disk = 4 minutes
> ntfsclone disk -> file = 2 minutes
> cp file -> file = 11 seconds
> So now I am left with the question of do I use file based images which
> will have slower performance but super fast backup times, or go with a
> lvm -> disk/file for the backup.
> My particular use case will be a user gets a 20 gig drive for xp,
> their it guy will do manual image backup creation. If they blow up
> their windows box we will have a "click click" ok now they are running
> againback up using the backup disk/file image. If I use all disk based
> images then I will have to also create a file backup of the backup
> disk for my remote backup box to save in case the host dies.

Did you try lvm snapshots? 

XCP also supports vhd snapshots.

-- Pasi

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