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Re: [Xen-users] 2 instances of a DomU on the same LV

if i try to 'xm create xen-int-vm01.cfg' on LM09q i get this error :
xm create xen-int-vm01.cfg
Using config file "./xen-int-vm01.cfg".
Error: VM name 'xen-int-vm01' already exists
But, with virt-manager i can start xen-int-vm01 on LM09q
so thereis 2 instances of the DomU sharing the same LV !!!

You misunderstood the commands.

First the basics: xen does a basic sanity check to prevent more than a
domU uses the same block device/file when it's set as writable, unless
user specifically overides it. The check is only on the same dom0.
Nothing is done to prevent the same device used on another dom0. You
need some other kind of external mechanism to prevent that.

Your original "xm create" command failed because the domU is already
defined, but not started. You can start it with "xm start", which
would produce the same result as starting it from virt-manager

Thank you Fajar, now i understand the logic.
Is there some "external mechanism" i can use ?
Otherwise I could develop my own simple mechanisms (shell scripts),
and stop using virt-manager.

Thank you,


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