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[Xen-users] Best way to store domU's. NFS? NBD?


I'm trying to find out what the way is to store the domU disk images, keeping
live migration and failover in mind. One source [1] says NFS is the most
common. Another source [2] says that NFS is flaky. Then iSCSI is mentioned as
very robust, but the xen wiki makes not a single mention of that. Also, (E)NBD
is mentioned.

I want to setup a cluster where I have a machine for storing the disk images
and then a bunch of machines between which I want to freely migrate my domU's
back and forth. The machine storing the images itself should also run domU's,
if possible. This is not possible with NBD, according to [2].

What is important, is that the storage server has failover. I could do this
with drbd (distributed remote block device) and NFS, but I have no idea what
would be the best way. 

Any help is appreciated.

[2] http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-users/2007-08/msg00264.html

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