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[Xen-users] xen failover


I've got a question regarding failover.

I've set up Xen and DRBD with the versions packaged for CentOS 5.4. Live migration of the domU's is working between the two xen nodes quite happliy.

Each domU has two LVM LVs associated with it, partitioned as swp and root. DRBD is configured to just sync the LV containing the root partition, not swp.

I've seen conflicting articles on the web regarding if the swap partition should be sync'd or not.

I'm about to play with heartbeat to test automatic failover of domU's - i'm particularly interested to see what happens if a xen node dies, powers off, h/w crashes...

Does the swap partition for a domU need to be synchronised between the two xen nodes for automatic failover?

If live migration is working is there anything else that has to be configured (other than heartbeat) to cater for failover when a node dies?



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