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[Xen-users] XCP VM restart strangeness

Just when I think I've got XCP beat into submission, it sneaks up and whacks me again :).

I rebooted a CentOS VM from it's command line and it failed to restart. A check of vm-list showed that the VM was showing halted on the pool master and the slaves, but trying to vm-start resulted in an error that the session reference was invalid.

After a great deal of fooling with it, I managed to clear the problem by doing a vm-reset-powerstate, which I wouldn't have expected to make any difference, since the VM was already showing halted.

I toss this out for informational purposes, in case someone else runs into this :).

Vern Burke

SwiftWater Telecom
ISP/CLEC Engineering Services
Data Center Services
Remote Backup Services

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