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Re: [Xen-users] about lvm filesystem...........

Mauro wrote:

When I create xen virtual machines on lvm I need to create a
filesystem on lvm container?

I assume you mean you create an LVM LV in Dom0 and use that as a virtual disk for a DomU ? The answer is that you treat the disk inside DomU just as you would treat a real disk on a real machine - you optionally partition it, and create filesystems as required.

You have more flexibility with Xen as you can create multiple LVs in Dom0 and give the DomU multiple virtual disks - and then create a filesystem in each disk without partitioning it. This is what I do as it gives great flexibility and the filesystems can be easily mounted in Dom0 if required (eg to repair it, with the DomU shut down of course).

Others create one big LV and partition it within the DomU the same as you would with a real disk - it's more logical within the DomU, works with OS installers, but is harder if you want to mount a filesystem in Dom0.
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