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[Xen-users] Live migrate using DRBD

Hi All,

Debian Lenny, Xen 3.2.1

I've setup DRBD resources from a domU I had, and it has synced up
correctly. If I shut the machine down on node1, I can successfully start
it on node2 and all is well.

However if I live migrate the domain, it successfully transfers the
domain across and is running on the other node, but will stay in the
suspended "migrating-domain" on the first node. The log seems to be
paused at the following:

[2010-06-03 11:06:53 3289] DEBUG (DevController:151) Waiting for devices vtpm.

I don't use vtpm, it's not enabled in my config, is it normal to show
when migrating if not in use? If I destroy the domain that is suspended
it drops of the xm list and is still happily running on the node it was
live migrated to.

Has anyone seen this before and got around it in some way?

Best Regards,

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