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Re: [Xen-users] How many guests

On Sunday 06 June 2010 12:16:49 william pink wrote:
> Storage could be a dealbreaker as well. RAID1 is not particularly ideal for
> > fast I/O. Predicting how many you can accomodate is really diificult.
> > Indeed
> > memory is an issue, but they all will need to be able to access storage
> > fast
> > enough. Guests with high wait times will perform too slowly.
> What level of RAID do you suggest? I am currently using RAID 1 and your
> correct in saying that hosts are slow on disk I/O, I plan to use RAID 10
> next
> W

For faster read I/O RAID5, RAID6 or RAID50 are better.
For faster write I/O you want RAID0 or RAID10.

I find RAID50 a good comprise in between both, since at has a low penalty on 
the disk number.

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