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Re: [Xen-users] My future plan

Am 08.06.10 16:12, schrieb philip tricca:

Michael Schmidt wrote:
Hi Jonathan,

you should think about flash or SD cards as xen-boot-drive.
This provides you lower costs and higher energy efficiency.
If you mount /tmp and /var/log to an tmpfs, this disks works very well and long.

Be careful mounting a tmpfs on /var/log. If you're running on SSDs it's good to minimize disk writes but in the event of a nasty error that brings down your system you won't have any error logs to let you know what happened when it comes back up.

Best thing to do when you mount tmpfs on /var/log is to make a syslog rule that logs ERROR messages to storage that will survive a reboot. Something like:

*.err    /var/persistent.log

in /etc/rsyslog.conf should work.

Best practice: Log over the network (with e.g. syslog-ng) to a central syslog server.

Best Regards
-Michael Schmidt

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