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RE: [Xen-users] Xen License

> Hi Everyone,
> This is going to sound silly but...
> I'm just off the phone with a Microsoft SPLA reseller. They sell
licenses to
> run Microsoft software in a hosted environment. I was asking about
> Windows licenses to run on my Xen VPS hosting solution.
> Maybe there is a big misunderstanding, but I'm faily sure she said
that it was
> illegial for me to rent out Xen VMs...even if they are running Linux
> about terms and conditions).....
> Please someone tell me that it was just a misunderstanding. I was
under the
> impression that since Xen is GPL, I'm allowed to rent out Xen Guests
> customers without paying anything...

Just to clarify, you aren't saying anything about Windows DomU's are
you? That's all covered by SPLA etc (and Microsoft get their money no
matter what platform you run it on). You are asking about running a
Linux DomU on Xen as a service for a customer right?

I wouldn't take the word of a Microsoft licensing person on anything but
Microsoft licensing, and even then I like to get a second opinion. The
SPLA guys seem to know their stuff, but only about SPLA.


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