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RE: [Xen-users] Xen License

Jonathan Tripathy wrote:

 >So let's say I have a Xen hypervisor, Ubuntu Dom0 and 40 Ubuntu
 >DomUs, there is no money to pay here right?

Not a penny :-)

That's good news then! Not even for renting VMs to customer?s :-)

If it's GPL, or indeed most of the other open licences, then you can rent out a VM to others without paying a penny to anyone. The only 'cost' may be in supplying the source to anyone if they ask for it - under the GPL, it might well be argued that renting out a VM constitutes distribution and the licence requires you to provide the source if requested (which you can do by referring them to the vendors web site - eg the Ubuntu site - to download it).

The GPL really isn't onerous - it essentially says you can use and modify the code, and you can distribute both the original and any modifications you make, provided you pass on the same rights to anyone you distribute the code to.

Simon Hobson

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