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Re: [Xen-users] RHEL6 beta vs. Xen

Speaking for myself, not on behalf of my employer:

On 09/06/10 17:21, Grant McWilliams wrote:

Since Oracle's Linux is basically RHEL with YaST (or so I've heard) then maybe the next version will be based on RHEL6 and of course (?) it will include a Xen kernel. Then all we have to do is drop it in a repo for RHEL/CentOS. Well theoretically.

No. There is a YaST port available, but Oracle's Linux is essentially an RHEL rebuild -- this from 2007 is a pretty good summary: http://blogs.oracle.com/wim/2007/02/unbreakable_linux.html and there are other things on that blog about OracleVM.

OracleVM is a separate product, it's not OEL. For a start the hypervisor is completely different to RHEL/OEL and the management stack is all Oracle's. OracleVM is open source (of course) and you can download it to see what's in there and draw your own conclusions about what the future might be. You can't reasonably assume that a future version will have an RHEL6 base though, and, from that blog entry, you can't assume that OEL6 will have a Xen hypervisor (unless RHEL6 acquires one).


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