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RE: [Xen-users] Xen License

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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 12:03:50 +0100
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greno@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>This sounds like more Microsoft-reseller scaremongering.  But you do
>need to be aware of the licenses for any software that you intend to
>sell/offer/provide/support for your customers.  A lot of distros are
>GPL / BSD / etc.  and some are commercial offerings such as RedHat /
>Suse.  If you want someone backing you up, it can often pay to use a
>commercial offering.

Even Debian (which takes a very 'pure' view of things either being
free and open - or not in Debian) has the option of installing
non-free components. That isn't enabled by default, but they are
If software is under GPL or BSD, then no-one can stop you offering a
service based from it, stop you charging for that service, or charge
you for the priviledge. But there are non-free elements in some
distros (or other bits you get from elsewhere) that you may need to
be aware of - and for some of those (Fraunhofer and MP3 come to mind)
a fee may be payable to a third party for a patent licence).

But that's a far cry from the implied threat that started this thread
- which sounded very much like an MS droid claiming that MS needs
their tax before it's legal to run Linux.

Simon Hobson



But surly if I'm only offering the basic distro, it is up to my customer to pay for any non-free software, right?

Of course all Linux distro allow you to install non-free software, however it's ok for my customers to do it, isn't it?



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