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[Xen-users] XCP Xen Cloud Control System schedule

Greetings all!
At the end of this next week, I'll be releasing VM import and export support for XCCS as well as a significant chunk of networking support, including a few goodies to work with XCP's openvswitch (XCCS 0.3.2). As well, load balancer 0.4.1 will be available. 0.4.1 considers CPU load as well as memory load in balancing the cloud.

Multitenant support and hosted private cloud version (XCCS 0.4) are now running on my production cloud, dynamic pool resizing (load balancer 0.5) and Google Checkout integration for customer self provisioning (XCCS 0.5) are running on the stunt cloud.

I'm going to hold 0.4 for the end of week after this next one to test with the new XCP 0.5 RC1 release. If anyone using XCCS early adopts the new XCP version, I'd appreciate some feedback :).

As always, XCCS is available for download from http://www.xencloudcontrol.com.


SwiftWater Telecom
Xen Cloud Control System

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