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Re: [Xen-users] iSCSI and LVM

On 14/06/10 23:15, jpp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
What is generally used in industry? At max capacity, my setup will hold
up to 672 DomUs spread over 6 Xen hosts (And 3 RAID10 arrays on a single
storage server), so clearly management is a big concern. This is where I
feel that LVM/iSCSI based access is easier?


I doubt that a single storage server should be able to "feed" so many
VMs, even if they are not IO hungry, the network bandwidth would be very
high and you will have to use very high speed network devices and
routers/switches and a big SAN with many high speed links.



Well each VM on the low package was going to be limited to 1Mbp/s max, and the total setup would be connected to a 100Mbp/s connection. Of course, I could always ditch the idea of the low package and just offer the 2nd and 3rd packages (168 and 84 VMs respectively). You really think that there would be a big bottleneck will the low package (672 VMs)? Even with 3 RAID10 arrays covering them?

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