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RE: [Xen-users] iSCSI and LVM

> >
> > If you use clvm, there are patches floating around to make it use openais
> > instead of all the overhead you need for the default lock manager.
> >
> > http://h2o.glou.fr/post/2009/04/20/clvm-openais-on-Debian/Lenny is what I
> used.
> > I'm using drbd not iSCSI but that shouldn't matter.
> >
> You don't have snapshotting though.

Yes, and that is quite sad. In my case I am doing lvm on drbd giving me one big 
pv which I then slice up. I'm experimenting with drbd on lvm, so on each node I 
create a volume and then run drbd on that. I don't get easy resizing, and a bit 
more fiddly (eg need to create the volumes on both nodes then add a new drbd 
resource) but could create a snapshot on one node independent of the other 
which would satisfy my requirements.

In the case of iSCSI you would just create an iSCSI device for each LV instead 
of running lvm on top of your iSCSI volume.


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