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Re: [Xen-users] iSCSI and LVM


> I'm using Ubuntu, so I'm not sure if CLVM is the best option..
It depends on what you want. I use CLVM on Debian for managing volumes on
my storage arrays (not iSCSI but ATA-over-Ethernet). And it works just
fine. :-)

> Does anyone have any experience with "shared storage" using iSCSI with Debian/
> Ubuntu Dom0s?
Me; I did not use the pre-compiled clvm as it uses Redhat's clusterstack
(cman) but compiled the packages myself. There are some guides[1] on how to
do this.
My main concern against CMAN is the fencing strategy (STONITH - shoot the
other node in the head) which is -- except for being cruel -- beside the
point of running a Dom0: Just in case one node looses connection to the
cluster, I do _not_ want it to get killed. For me it is enough to be sure,
all modifications done to the LVM volumes are only done by nodes which are
in possession of the quorum. So what CLVM compiled with OpenAIS does is
just fine. Plus: the setup is way easier. ;-)

Up to now I failed get cmirrord working reliably with OpenAIS. Probably
someone else has experience with this?

-- Adi

[1] http://h2o.glou.fr/post/2009/04/20/clvm-openais-on-Debian/Lenny  

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