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Re: [Xen-users] RAID10 Array


> Can you suggest a way I could benchmark all these things? I've never
> benchmarked Hard Drives before..
As mentioned in my previous mail -- use (for example) fio to do benchmarks.  
Before you start with benchmarking I suggest to read the following slides:
There are many very clever hints in this document. Getting benchmarking
right is very hard and giving general statements about performance is
(close to) impossible... ;-)
Just one more thing: You cannot compare local benchmarks to benchmarks of
iSCSI/AoE targets. Devices connected to your local bus have a way lower
latency! This results in lower throughput mainly. RAID0 on local disks
gives way higher throughput in terms of MBps than network storage. Therefor
"IOPS" were invented... ;-)

Feel free to ask, if you need more specific hints on how to conduct
benchmarks... I have recently done some work in this area.

-- Adi

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