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Re: [Xen-users] RAID10 Array

On 17/06/10 21:25, jpp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I have 3 RAID ideas, and I'd appreciate some advice on which would be
better for lots of VMs for customers.

My storage server will be able to hold 16 disks. I am going to export 1
iSCSI LUN to each xen node. 6 nodes will connect to one storage server,
so that's 6 LUNs per server of equal size. The server will connect to a
switch using quad port bonded NICs (802.3ad), and each Xen node will
connect to the switch using Dual port bonded NICs.

Idea 1:
3 X RAID10 Arrays (4 disks per array)
4 Hot Spares
2 LUNs per array

Idea 2:
1 X RAID10 Array (12 disks per array)
4 Hot Spares
6 LUNs per array

Idea 3:
1 X RAID 10 Array (14 disks per array)
2 Hot Spares
6 LUNs per array

It seems to be the best solution for the global IO throughput, I used
to have an Equalogic San with such an architecture, but with a Lun (or
two) for every VM.


Which "Idea" above are you talking about?


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