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Re: [Xen-users] Domain with openvpn-server-bridge to Dom0-bridge problem

I think i have a working openvpn, i can connect to openvpn without errors.
I have at the moment 2 Domains and Dom0. After succesful vpn connection, i can connect to the other Domain and Dom0, with SSH and RDP. So the Bridge from eth0(real Card,internet connection) to eth1 (XEN) seem to be working. But i can't connect to real Network thats connected to the Network Card at Dom0. All Domains and Dom0 can ping and connect to the PC's in the network.

The real Network is     192.168.100.x
OpenvpnDomain     eth1 -- br0 -- tap0


Openvpnclient can connect and, but not, this is a physical PC in network

Am 21.06.2010 03:36, schrieb Fajar A. Nugraha:
On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 5:47 PM, Tegger<xen@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

i have a problem with bridging. I have a Openvpn Domain, with server bridge.
I can't read your ASCI art, so the information there does not make
sense to me. Sorry.

with this constellation i can't connect/ping to the real Network with an
external VPN Connection. The Openvpn Domain itself can ping
and connect to services in real network. An external VPN User can only ping
and use Dom0 and other Domains Services.
I can't find the error.....
Usually the errors are caused by openvpn-specific setup. I'd make sure
that you have a working openvpn setup first, possibly using a phisical
machine. A common pitfall it that you're using openvpn bridge, with
tap interface on domU, but you forgot to create a bridge connecting
the tap interface to domU's eth0 interface.

Another possible pitfall is that you want to make the domU act as
router, but you forgot to setup iptables on domU.

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